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Video/Super-8. 116 min, color, 2016.

In her work "On Photography", Susan Sontag reflects on this activity as memento mori, a circumstance that enables it to 'witness the ruthless dissolution of time.' This aspect of
photography lies at the heart of CC1682...

Cristina Aparicio
Caimán Cuaderno de Cine
“...The various stories are told via an extraordinary selection of remarkably beautiful images.  A thirsty land, songs, horizons, villages where trains no longer stop at, and radiant smiles –  constant expression, which David Reznak immensely enjoyed during his stay in Mali, and which the spectator cannot get enough of.”

Sol Alonso
Mi Petit Madrid
“...CC1682 is an extremely exciting journey, as if the spectator travelled in a locomotive, which slowly traversed the tracks of a country that not only expresses itself and exists, but mor importantly: a country which, if given the possibility to really become independent, it would know how to begin to heal its open veins.”

El Blog Hildy Johnson

La Osa Mayor
menos dos

16mm, 116 min, color, 2016.

“Hailed by some critics as one of the five best Spanish films of these decade, La Osa Mayor menos dos is impressive because of its experimental language of great virtuosity and beauty.”

Lucca Film Festival
“For me, La Osa Mayor menos dos is one of the few authentic documentaries shot lately in Spain”

Miguel Marías
“We consider this film one of the most interesting made in recent years about mental illness”

Abdelfatteh Fakhfakh
“Le Cinephile”,Tunez